Best Hiking Boots For Kids

Hiking is a wonderful way for families to spend time together.

Not only can the activity be a fun time, it is a unique opportunity to open up a child’s mind to the enjoyment of nature, and it can be a fun way to introduce exercising and healthy living to a developing child.

Because hiking with kids can open up new ways for a child to grow and develop, it is absolutely crucial to find the perfect pair of hiking boots, one that combines quality and comfort.

Poorly made hiking boots will ensure that your kid has an awful time while hiking, and an uncomfortable experience is the exact opposite of what you were anticipating for your child when introducing them to the wonder of the natural world.

Luckily, just as adults can find dozens of brands that produce similar but slightly distinctive footwear, the same goes for children. Whether looking for boys hiking boots or girls hiking boots, there are companies out there that make boots for both.

And while the terrain that you take your child out to for their first hikes may not be very difficult, it is still important to make sure they have the best hiking boots on their feet so they won’t complain about their feet hurting and so they have a wonderful time.

There are plenty of hiking boot brands to choose from. We’ve chosen out top 10 below.

Make Of BootPerk 
1. Keen Youth TorinoDual climate rubber outsole
2. Hi-tec Renegade TrailGood ankle supportCheck Price
3. Rocky Hunting Waterproof MOBUFor the colder environmentsCheck Price
4. Keen AlamosaCome with drop-in heel inserts for mroe supportCheck Price
5. Hi-Tec Nepal WaterproofWaterproofCheck Price
6. Timberland WhiteledgeExtra paddingCheck Price
7. Merrell MOABRemovable EVA footbeds
8. Merrell Capra MidReinforced upper bodyCheck Price
9. Columbia Youth Newton RidgeExtremely lightweightCheck Price
10. Timberland PawtuckawayInternal cushioning and adjustable lacesCheck Price

(Subject to availability)

When it comes to selecting the perfect brand of hiking boots for your child, you’ll want to focus on the quality, functionality, and fit, more than the cost or appearance of them.

You’ll want a pair sporting closed toe and a firm sole, a pair that will mold to the shape and form of their feet, so that way your kids will be protected from any number of things like rocks and tree roots and so they won’t be tripping over whatever might lie in their path.

The key elements to look for in hiking boots, whether for kids or adults, is the comfort provided, the traction that the boots offer, the breathability in how they are built, and then the overall design and build quality of the boots themselves.

Other things to look at include the sole of the boots, which ultimately are what provides the most comfort and support in the shoes. The weight, which will have an effect on the wearer on lengthier hikes. Then there’s the overall protection that the boots provide for the wearer. These are the criteria that were taken into consideration when looking at boots and developing this list.

This guide will present the top best hiking boots currently available for kids, and overview the differences and specifics that make each one on the list unique.

Because we know that you, the parents, don’t want to take your kids out in the wild and unruly parts of nature without knowing that their going to have the best boots possible to make for an enjoyable experience.

Keen Youth Torino Mid

– Mid-weight
– 2 lbs. 6.4oz
– Waterproof
– Leather/Synthetic material

The Keen Torino is an excellent choice when it comes to hiking boots for kids. It’s a very comfortable shoe with extra padding around the tongue, collar, and the upper side of the shoe. They also provide great traction, which makes the perfect for almost any kind of hiking trail.

The comfort of these boots stems from the extra padding, which also gives the wearer extra protection against anything the boots might come in contact with.

The boots can be a little snug around the wearer’s heels, but that’s a problem that can be resolved with extended use and breaking the product in.

These boots are designed with lugs on them, which makes sure the wearer has the best traction in any kind of environment, from a snowy mountain peak to slick rocks in a river to a muddy trail after a downpour.

The Torinos are manufactured with a membrane that allows for complete breathability that will ensure your child’s feet have proper ventilation for the duration of their hikes.

The entire boot has been constructed with waterproof leather so the boots will not only last a long time without needing to be replaced, but they will eventually mold to the form of your child’s feet after extended use.

Their design includes a dual climate rubber outsole that can withstand being put through multiple environments.

These are high quality boots, and one of the best options on the market when it comes to hiking boots for kids.

Hi-Tec Renegade Trail WP

– Mid-weight
– 3 lbs.
– Waterproof
– Synthetic/Leather/Mesh material

The overall quality and comfort on the Hi-Tec Renegade is hard for other boots to compete with. While they do tend to run half a size smaller than expected, this is perhaps the only drawback from an otherwise stellar pair of hiking boots.

Hi-Tec made sure these Renegade boots had better ankle support than most of their closest competitors. These feature an EVA sock-liner, Man-made sole, and increased stability compared to similar products.

Their snug fit may draw complaints from kids, but after setting out on the hike, the boots will break in and the snug feeling will loosen up.

The traction provided by these hiking boots are top of the line when it comes to the best hiking boots for kids. These boots are designed with multi-directional and traded outsole which makes sure they firmly grip whatever surface they walk over without any slickness, doesn’t matter if it’s a snowy trail, swampy waters, or a plain ole’ dirt trail.

The boots were also designed with breathable mesh panels on the upper side of the boots to give them proper ventilation. They were made from high-quality suede leather and are completely waterproof.

These Hi-Tec Renegades were made with the ultimate combination of quality, comfort, and stability that makes any type of hiking environment much more safer for your kids when they have these boots on.

Rocky Boys Hunting Waterproof MOBU

– Mid-weight
– 2 lbs. 1.6oz
– Waterproof
– Leather material

These Rocky Boys MOBU boots were made to be beyond comfortable to ensure that any kid loves to wear them, because this company knows that if a kid doesn’t think their shoes are comfortable, they will complain and hate the experience of wearing them.

Rocky Boys knew this when they were designing and developing these boots, and that led to the idea of padding the interior of the boot to give the most comfort to kids that wear them, but also to make sure that the boots fit snuggly around the kids’ feet without chaffing or causing discomfort.

The MOBU’s design also allows for maximum traction with the implementation of the TPR rubber outsole, which allows for stable footing in even the most unstable terrain.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Rocky Boys Hunting Boot is their breathability. These boots were designed for the fall and winter in mind, so they were made for primarily colder environments.

Keep this in mind when making your decision. But because they were made for colder and harsher environments, they are also completely waterproof, so the only wetness your child’s feet will have to endure is their own sweat from hiking the trails.

The boots utilize eight hundred grams of a lightweight Thinsulate insulation material, which protects the wearer in colder weather without adding any extra weight.

These are perhaps the best hiking boots for kids when it comes to colder environments.

Keen Alamosa Hiking Boot

– Lightweight
– 2 lbs.
– Not waterproof
– Leather material

These Keen Alamosa boots are one of the best choices to ensure your child has a wonderful and comfortable hiking experience. The extra traction on these will keep their feet protected all day long in these waterproof boots.

These boots were developed with dual-density midsoles, on top of both EVA and polyurethane padding, which means they have top of the line shock protection and they make the boots some of the most comfortable available on the market.

On top of all of that, these are some of the only boots available that come with drop-in heel inserts to provide extra support and comfortability when out there on the trails.

Designed with non-marking rubber outsoles and extra strong lugs, complete with thermoplastic urethane shanks, mean these boots provide excellent traction on any type of terrain, whether climbing to snowy mountaintops or delving into dirty, swampy trails.

The Keen Dry waterproof breathable membrane gives the boots amazing moisture-absorption capabilities.

Combine that with the nubuck leather that the boots are made out of, and you’ve got a pair of boots that will stay as dry as the desert air.

The Keen Alamosa WP boots are incredibly flexible, durable, and above all else, comfortable, and your child will enjoy every minute they get to wear these wonderful shoes.

Hi-Tec Nepal Waterproof Junior


– Mid-weight
– 2 lbs.
– Waterproof
– Suede/Syntheic material

These boots have some great features that will make your kid fall in love with them. Combining a lot of comfort with even more support and traction, these are boots that your child will be able to play around outside in for years to come.

These Hi-Tec Nepal Hiking Boots come with an extra pad liner in it that greatly improves the comfort for most wearers, however, these extra pad liners can also be removed if the boots are too tight of a fit for your child’s feet.

The extra pad liner combined with the padded collar and tongue mean these are some of the most comfortable boots available.

The Hi-Tec Nepal boots’ durable and high grip rubber outsoles provides wearers with amazing traction capabilities that are notable for their shock absorption that protects your child’s feet no matter what they are doing on the trail.

Made with a breathable mesh on the upper part of the boot means that your child’s feet will receive enhanced ventilation. The rest of the boot is made from a suede leather and synthetic material, both of which are completely waterproof, offering a versatile and secure fit no matter what terrain your child wears them on.

Timberland Whiteledge

– Mid-weight
– 2 lbs.
– Waterproof
– Leather/Fabric material

The Whiteledge by Timberland is an incredibly-made shoe. Going off customer reviews, there is almost no time needed to break these boots in, and they’ll feel comfortable and supportive right from the first outing in them.

These boots fit snugly over your child’s feet thanks to the superb lacing design that is fully adjustable to fit any size of foot.

The extra padding throughout the ankle area of the boot is there for even more comfort and support. Combine that with the dual-density EVA sole, that is removable, then you’ve got one heck of a hiking boot here.

The traction with these boots are decent when compared to similar products for its price-range.

The durable sole is just a little softer when compared to similar models, making these boots the best option for simple hiking adventures, rather than hiking on cliffs or over rocky areas. But for the basic dirt trail, you can’t get any better.

The boots are designed with a waterproof and breathable internal membrane that makes sure the wearer receives the needed ventilation while keeping moisture and water off your child’s feet.

These Timberlands offer watertight construction due to the leather they are made out of, and provide utmost comfort and support when on the hiking trails, making them one of the best options out there for your kids.

Merrell MOAB

– Mid-weight
– 3 lbs.
– Waterproof
– Leather material

The Merrell MOAB boots are an affordable choice, but also one that comes with a lot of comfort and excellent traction that your child will love to hike in.

These boots were designed with removable EVA footbeds, something not usually seen in only not child boots but adults boots as well. They are great for absorbing the shock impact of heavy walking and come equipped with a waterproof coating to keep feet dry.

As an added bonus, these boots were designed with M-Select Fresh technology, which helps prevent strong build-up of odors and keeps the boot smelling brand new. Combined with the M-Select Fresh technology is the M-Select Grip technology, which provides all the traction that your child could need on any hiking trail.

These boots are made with suede and mesh, which boost breathability with the extra ventilation. The addition of the M-Select Dry membrane in these also protect your child’s feet against sweat build-up and odors and allows for a comfortable hike no matter how long or how strenuous the trail.

Designed with durability and comfort in mind, these boots have a traditional lacing system and the outer area is covered in leather, and the bottom sole cut from rubber. These boots would be an excellent choice no matter where you intend on hiking.

Merrell Capra Mid

– Mid-weight
– 3 lbs.
– Waterproof
– Leather material

These Merrell boots are a great pick for any kind of hiking environment. This particular model, the Merrell Capra Mid, has a minor drawback. Some kids find them difficult to put on initially, until the boots have been worn enough to be broken in, then kids can slide them on and off with relative ease.

These hiking boots will perform well in almost any environment the wearer takes them in. They have excellent grip on any trail surface: dirt, mud, snow, you name it. The lugs on these boots will make sure your child can easily walk through whatever might lie in their path.

The boots have an upper body that is reinforced but also breathable, and can hold up really well to whatever kind of punishment your child tries to give them while out on the trail.

These boots were designed and intended for more of a rugged use, so make sure your child knows they don’t have to hold back while wearing these — the Capra Mid boots can withstand it all.

The all-around comfortable design of these boots ensures your child has the support and traction needed to be able to tackle any kind of hiking trail. The high-quality materials that the boots are made from means the boots will last for years and years, offering a kind of durability that not many other boots can offer.

Columbia Youth Newton Ridge

– Mid-weight
– 2 lbs.
– Waterproof
– Polyurethane Coated Leather material

The boots are some of the best that Columbia has to offer. The Youth Newton Ridge boots offer a lightweight, comfortable boot that will make your child’s explorations of nature so much more enjoyable.

They offer great traction and a wonderful ventilation that will ensure your child loves these boots almost more than their favorite pair of sneakers.

The Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Boot is extremely lightweight, so running in these boots will be no problem. They come equipped with a compression molded EVA insole for extra comfort and support while out on the trails.

The boots provide all the traction your child will need with the durable and grippy rubber outsoles that were designed by Columbia specifically for these boots.

Columbia made sure that the Newton Ridge Hiking boots are waterproof, while also being as breathable as they possibly could be, and this is due to the textile mesh material that Columbia designed and installed in them.

Your child’s feet will not overheat or sweat while wearing these. The completely waterproof structure comes from the polyurethane coated leather material that the shoe is made of, which means these boots are well built and ready to take on whatever kind of outdoor terrain your child is ready to use them on.

Timberland Pawtuckaway

– Light-weight
– 1 lb.
– Waterproof
– Leather material

The Timberland Pawtuckaway are perhaps the most light-weight and high-quality boot that you can buy for your child.

These boots will protect your child’s feet and ensure they are safe with its great traction and rustproof material, not to mention their durability will ensure they can continue to be worn for years to come.

These boots are incredibly comfortable due to their internal cushioning and adjustable laces that give the wearer a tight and proper fit for however long they wear them.

The boots offer amazing traction and that is arguably one of the product’s best selling points. No matter where your child takes them, the boots will hold up against the worst of nature has to offer. They were tested in multiple conditions and are marketed as being the best available pair of hiking boots for any kind of environment.

The Timberland Pawtuckaway offer incredible breathability with its mesh system, so not only will your child have the best traction of any available boot, they could also have the best breathable boot to prevent overheating and keep them from feeling too sweaty.

The overall build quality on these boots is impressive thanks to the full grain leather material, and Timberland’s custom designed rustproof technology.

The biggest drawback is perhaps the fact that the boots lack an interal liner, meaning they are not completely waterproof.

The full grain leather on the outside will more than likely help resist against any water your child might encounter, but it is also best to know beforehand the capabilities of any particular pair of boots.


So there you have it. A list of the ten best hiking boots for kids that are available on the market right this moment. Whether you are looking for boys hiking boots or girls hiking boots, all of these boots can be found on their company’s websites, or in stores wherever hiking boots are sold.

It is always important when you go hiking with kids that you make sure you find the pair of hiking boots with the best combination of design that gives support, comfort, traction, and breathability to ensure your child has the best experience possible while on their hikes, whether they are pushing through the snow, climbing through the mud, or just enjoying a beautiful day on a simple dirt trail.

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