Timberland Pawtuckaway Waterproof Hiking Boot for Toddlers and Kids

Hiking, alongside canoeing and fishing, is one of the classic outdoor activities. There’s nothing quite like taking a long walk through the beautiful scenes that Mother Nature has created.

Many adults will reminisce about their youth and roughing it out in the woods. These same adults, who now have their own children, will want to take their kids through some of the same experiences they fondly remember.

But when it comes to making sure their little ones have good protection for their little feet, shopping can become overwhelming.

There are so many brands of hiking boots on the market, it’s near impossible to choose one. However, Timberland has become a common household name and also has the best boots in the market today.

Pawtuckaway Hiking Boot review

In particular, the Timberland Pawtuckaway Waterproof Hiking Boot is the best hiking boot one could purchase for their child.

The Timberland Pawtuckaway Hiking Boot is a simple design that isn’t flashy or necessarily “hip.”

However, its design is the picture that comes to mind when someone says the word “hiking boot.” The hiking boot is made with rust-proof facets and the material of the boot is not just synthetics, but actual leather as well.

The combination of using real, durable leather in addition to the synthetic leather, allows for the hiking boots to last a long time and be breathable.

The breathability of the Pawtuckaway Hiking Boot is remarkable when compared to the standard hiking boot. What sets this hiking boot apart from the rest is the interior is mainly mesh lining, creating a way for the wearer’s feet to breath.

Between the materials used to create the boot and the overall design of the boot, the Timberland Pawtuckaway Waterproof Hiking Boot is perfect for even the pickiest of children to wear.

There is nothing worse than a hiking boot that makes a child feel as if they are wearing cement bricks on their feet.

One thing that the Timberland company advertises with the Timberland Pawtuckaway Waterproof Hiking Boot is the fact that it is waterproof.

Unfortunately, this hiking boot is not completely waterproof. This is mostly in part due to the design and material choices that were previously mentioned.

The Pawtuckaway Boots do feature rubber soles with rugged treads. This choice in design does make a large difference when examining how waterproof these hiking boots are, in addition to providing comfort and traction when hiking through difficult terrain.

In the long run, the exchange for breathability, durability, and traction over the complete waterproofing of the hiking boot is crucial when it comes down to how the child feels whilst wearing it.

The last feature to take a look at is what Timberland calls the “Does it Fit?” feature.

The “Does it Fit?” sockliner is a liner inside the boot that ensures the hiking boot will fit every single time. This sock can be easily removed by a parent whenever it is deemed necessary.

This feature is the final detail of the Timberland Pawtuckaway Waterproof Hiking Boots that sets the hiking boots beyond any other like its kind on the market today.

So when the family gets together to have a blast in the great outdoors, it will be a relief to know the children are sporting one of the best boots you can buy for your child.

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