How to Choose The Best Outdoor Gear

The best thing about mountaineering is being able to get out and enjoy the the crisp, cool air, but you won’t be having a whole lot of fun unless you’re decked out in proper attire.

Before you set off to start your next epic adventure, make sure that you’re wearing outdoor clothing that will properly protect you from the elements.

Winter attire can be fairly expensive, so before you spend a ton of cash on clothes that may not keep you nice, dry and toasty while outside in the cold, here’s what you should look for:

Water Proof Is A Must

No piece of clothing is going to keep you nice and warm if it’s not going to keep you dry.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been disappointed by investing in a winter jacket or a pair of gloves for the snow that are sopping wet within mere minutes of getting outside.

Make sure that you choose clothes that have a “water proof” guarantee, or buy clothing from reputable companies like Berghaus.

Britain has fallen in love with outdoor shops – so you can get one on most streets. If you’d like to get your Berghaus or North Face jacket online, then a quick google search will see you right.

Look For Guaranteed Insulation

Those winter boots may have a tag that says they’re winter boots, but are they really?

Don’t make the mistake of investing in winter clothing that doesn’t have some sort of guarantee that they can protect you from the cold.

Most boots, gloves and jackets, like The North Face Jackets, come with a guarantee that their articles of clothing can keep you warm up to a certain temperature, such as -25C or -40C.

These pieces of clothing have had their insulation properly tested so that you know that you’ll be kept properly warm in the cold.

Honestly, out of experience there is nothing worse than buying a supposedly waterproof coat only to get caught out in a shower in the middle of nowhere.

So I haven’t made that mistake in a while, It’s definitely worth stumping up that little bit extra for the best outdoor gear.

Create Your Own Style

One of the coolest things about winter clothing is that you can fearlessly create your own unique style. The best place to start is to look at what’s on your feet.

Rather than opt for the standard black winter boots, why not choose a leather insulated boot with tassels or buckles?

Choose from a number of different jackets, ranging from fur to leather to “puffy” to more athletic in style like those from Berghaus jackets.

Or perhaps the most fun part about dressing for winter is the accessories.

You can choose from a variety of neat scarves, gloves, hats and head covers that come in different materials and colours so that you can really make your outfit your own.