Are you searching far and wide for some of the best mountaineering tents? Look no further as we are here to help you. For years, we have bought and analyzed countless tents, testing each and every one of them to know which characteristics define the best ones.

Here, we will present to you three mountaineering tents that have been tested in severe climates on different mountains in multiple countries to ensure that we have managed to cover all the aspects of a good mountaineering tent. They are guaranteed to have the best quality on the market along with being pocket-friendly too.

Best Mountaineering Tent Reviews

It is imperative to have a high-quality mountaineering tent when you intend to spend a couple of days outdoors, especially during harsh weathers. A high-quality tent keeps you comfortable and safe from the elements. Here are some of the mountaineering tents we think would best suit your needs:

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 is a two-pole, freestanding tent offering more than enough space for a person to use alone. Below are some of its best features.

Key Features

The tent’s upper body has a mesh while the bottom and the lower body is made from a waterproof fabric with seams that are factory sealed. The large door is placed on the side in a D-shape and is also made from mesh.

The tent is made from polyester and resists water and UV damage too. There are eight zippers all over the tent, which are for the storage pockets, gear loft, guy rope, stakes, and the doorway. The color of the tent is a mix of brown, gray, and orange.

Setting up the tent is quite easy. The poles help in creating an X-structure that makes it very stable. Aside from that, attaching the whole tent with the loops and grommets on each corner makes it very simple. All in all, it will take no more than a few minutes to set it up fully.

The tent weighs no more than four pounds and four ounces. When assembled, the floor surface is about 20 square feet, and the vestibule surface is about 10 square feet. The base size of the tent is 7.6 by 2.8 inches, which is roughly 229 by 81 centimeters.

The center height of the tent is three feet, and the vestibule depth is 32 inches. The diameter of the poles is 8.5 mm and is made from a 7000 series aluminum. When packed, the tent folds down to a size of six by 17.5 inches.

The Pros

  • Has an easy setup
  • Spacious vestibule
  • Freestanding
  • Has a stable and strong construction
  • Compact and easy to store

The Con

  • Slightly on the heavier side

The Clostnature Lightweight 2-Person Backpacking Tent

The Clostnature Backpacking Tent is a freestanding, two-pole aluminum tent that is designed especially for lightweight hiking and to pitch quickly. Even a person with no experience can pitch this tent single-handedly. Below are some of its most notable features.

Key Features

The tent is perfect for several outdoor activities as it is very compact and portable. Best of all, it is perfectly sized for two people to use together. For this tent, you get two color choices: grass green and a combination of orange and brown.

In terms of its interior, it has mesh walls all over, which are designed to provide you with ample ventilation. The tent has not only one but two D-shaped doors that will provide you with convenience to easily get in and out. Two vestibules on the side are also added to provide you with extra storage for shoes or a backpack.

The tent, along with its groundsheet, is made out of polyester with a PU 5000 coating. This material and coating make the tent completely waterproof. The factory sealed seams ensure that it keeps you dry during rains and comfortable no matter what season it is.

This two-person tent weighs about five pounds and eight ounces. When assembled, the interior size is 7.3 by 4.11 by 3.10 inches, which is ample space for two people to rest comfortably and larger than several two-person tents on the market. The company claims that this tent is large enough to even fit a small dog with you inside.

When packed, it measures at 16.5 by 5.9 by 5.9 inches. This size ensures it can easily be placed inside a backpack.

The Pros

  • Large two-person tent
  • Very easy to set up
  • Has a strong built
  • Highly durable
  • Very lightweight

The Con

  • Only comes in one size and two colors

The Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

The Weanas Backpacking Tent is a perfect choice for those looking for a tent that is easily and quickly assembled. According to the company, only one person is enough to assemble this tent fully. Written below are some of its well-loved features.

Key Features

The tent comes with aluminum high-strength poles that are very light in weight and can make the tent stand strong even at high pressure. The tent is available in a green or orange color.

One of the best features of this tent is that it is available in multiple sizes, which makes it suitable for one to four people to use at the same time. We reviewed the tent for three to four people. It can be used in any season because it can be closed down for a cold night or left open with the mesh for proper ventilation. It also ensures to keep you dry no matter how heavy the rain is.

There are two doors on the tent, allowing the occupants not to crawl over each other to get in or out of it. The front door of the tent is double-zippered on the side, and this can extend in order to make a porch with the use of walking sticks.

This four-person tent offers sufficient room within. The dome tent weighs only 6.5 pounds and has a floor dimension of 88 inches by 60 inches, along with a peak height of 53 inches. Having this much length ensures that it is comfortable for people over six feet tall too, without their heads or feet sticking out.

Although the company calls it a four-person tent, it can comfortably allow three normal-sized adults to sleep within or four slim and petite adults to actually fit inside.

The Pros

  • Very light in weight
  • Very breathable
  • Quite easy to setup
  • Has two doors on both sides

The Con

  • Not very roomy, especially when used by four people


These three best mountaineering tents come with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. However, it is clear to see that all of them are strong and durable in any weather.

Of the three, we particularly liked the Clostnature Backpacking Tent. For a two-person tent, this one is quite light in weight and even amply-spaced to allow for a comfortable rest. The tent can be easily set up and has a strong build too. It comes with enough space for storage and works well in any weather.