So you are planning to go on your first or maybe another great camping trip outdoors, with the spirit of adventure pumping the adrenaline. You have all that you need to be packed and you are ready to hit the road, that’s why we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks 2017.

But have you considered what sleeping arrangements will serve you and your group of friends out there? If you do not want to go the whole length with full tents, then a backpacking hammock will serve you just fine.

A hammock ( a derivative of the Spanish word "hamaca) is a sling, whose base material could be from fabric, rope or netting, that is suspended between two, or three points or anchors and which can be used for purposes such as sleeping, swinging or taking a nap.

It is constructed from one or more cloth panels which are stretched with ropes between two firm anchors, which are usually trees.

Hammocks were developed by locals in South and Central America for sleeping in the wild or in open country. They were subsequently used aboard expeditionary ships and trawlers in order to give comfort to the sailors and maximize space

Best Camping Hammocks 2018

Today, hammocks have undergone a considerable redesign and remodeling such that they are used not just for relaxation purposes but also by campers as a lightweight sleeping accessory on camping trips.

Hammocks are currently designed to be backpacked and may also include mosquito netting as well as other amendments that can keep out the rain, wind and other external elements.

There are currently a wide variety of hammocks are available and their design is based on their being functional to accommodate the need for light weight, versatility, and protection.

A good number of hammocks follow a universal design to accommodate the height and size of the average adult. They feature a spreader bar that runs the length of the ground, feet holdings to give the user stability and diagonal arms at each end to offer two anchor points.

Newer options include the ability for the user to make his/her own hammock.

Current hammock styles include the following:

The spreader bar, the Mayan, the Brazilian, the Naval, the Nicaraguan, the Venezuelan as well as the travel hammock.

The specifications for the design includes weight considerations of the user; hence you will find hammocks in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes for the single user (110 to 160kg) to two or more users (180 to 400 kg). T

he average dimensions for the hammock will be 1 to 4.2 meters across and 1.8 to 3.5meters in length.

The spreader bar hammer, which is the more common variety in use, can be recognized by wooden or metal bars at the head and tail of the hammock, where it spreads its breadth, allowing the user access to the main resting portion, in a number of locations, including in one’s own backyard.

Well, now without wasting any further time, let’s jump on to our top 10 best camping hammocks list.

Some of the best backpacking hammocks:

Warbonnet Blackbird

The Warbonnet Blackbird is the tough sleeping companion for the wizened camper/hitch-hiker, for all the right reasons.

For starters, it is made from an ultra-durable light material, so you are no worse off when it comes to carrying it along on your trip. At the very most, the Warbonnet Blackbird weighs in at an unbelievable 510 grams!

The other compelling features that come in handy when camping includes the Blackbird’s innovative foot box, a storage shelf, a protective bug net, and double layered bottom for keeping a sleeping pad in place.

The Warbonnet Blackbird is big on the provision of extra space for the camper who does not like to be cramped in; this availability of space is courtesy of elastic guy lines on either side of the head end of the hammock, which enables the user to keep the netting away from his/her face.

For your further consideration, here is run- down of the pros and cons of picking up a Warbonnet Blackbird hammock for your next camping trip:


  • The Blackbird hammock can serve and protect you in a variety of weather conditions including wet, windy and arid conditions.
  • The strap harnesses are made of reflective material, to enhance their visibility at night.
  • The hammock’s double layered bottom provides for a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • The Warbonnet’s build is not conducive for use by families or a couple.
  • It is not one of the more easier-to-setup brands in the market, as it takes considerable time to set-up
  • If you are on a strict budget, then the Warbonnet Blackbird might not be your first pick of the pack.
  • The fly of the hammock is not detachable.


The Grand Trunk Ultralight

If you are a camper looking to kick off your great hiking experience but on a strict budget, then the Grand Trunk ultralight hammock should tickle your fancy.

It is made from a polyester material which gives it its light weight and durability. Weighing an unbelievable 12 ounces, the Grand Trunk ultralight can be carried about easily by the backpacker.

With a sleeping length of nine feet and four inches, the ultralight can serve the needs of most hikers, without much ado. For your kind consideration, take a look at the arguments for and against this brand of hammock:


  • This hammock delivers great value for the money spent
  • It is extremely light


  • Its simplicity does not make it ideal for adverse weather conditions
  • It does not feature accompanying straps and harnesses; hence you would need to procure those at extra cost.
  • Its polyester material may not provide you with the longevity/durability you may need for extended camping journeys.

Grand Trunk Double Hammock

You could call this the hammock for lovers and you wouldn’t be wrong.

The Grand Trunk Double is manufactured to allow couples enjoy the outback and themselves in the comfort that this hammock provides.

For starters, this hammock ticks all the right boxes for space, comfort and light weight. And if you are the type that harps on the quality base material, then its high-stretch parachute nylon body will win you over.

You need to make a buy after considering arguments for and against the Grand Trunk Double Hammock? Then let its pros and cons help you decide:


  • The hammock delivers on durability with the presence of triple stretch seams. It will also serve you for a long period of time
  • It is easy to set –up in a couple of minutes
  • It is generous in both length and width considerations, ideal for couples.
  • The Grand Trunk Double displays great versatility; it can be used in the backyard at home or out there in the outback


  • This hammock does not pass the weight test out rightly for those who need to be more nimble on the hiking trail.
  • You would need to upgrade with added accessories to face severe weather conditions and to keep out bugs/insects

The Grand Trunk Nano 7

For hikers and backpackers looking to keep weight considerations at the top of their list, then the lightweight of the Grand Trunk Nano 7 will pass that litmus test.

While light weight may impact on durability, the Grand Trunk Nano 7 displays a great level of versatility as it can be used in a variety of conditions ranging from camping at backcountry lakes at elevated heights to taking a nap in the hammock in one’s backyard.

Here are the pros and cons of using a Grand Trunk Nano 7:


  • It has a compact design
  • It features accessories that do not add to weight considerations


  • It is not convenient for extremely tall users
  • It has a narrow throughout
  • Its base material of rip-stop nylon does not rank high on the durability index

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Hammock

For the hiker who would love to have a go with gear and equipment employed by military air personnel, then the Hummingbird ultralight single hammock will tickle his/her fancy. Consider that it brings cutting-edge parachute technology for use in civilian life. In this regard, weight is an important consideration, which this hammock passes excellently with its light weight.

You should want to get the hummingbird after a careful consideration of the following reviews:


  • It comes in a compact(low pack volume) and easy to carry size
  • Its design is according to FAA certifications for parachute rigs
  • Its carabiners are not easy to cross load.
  • It is easy to set-up.
  • It is versatile and can be deployed in a number of conditions.
  • The hammock features a lock stitched design.


  • It does not comfortably support extremely tall users
  • It does not come with tree straps

Eaglesnest Outfitters Single Nest Hammock

The Eaglesnest hammock will resonate with hikers and backpackers who place a premium on being nimble and very mobile.

For starters, this hammock is extremely light weight and it is made from durable nylon parachute. If one of your major considerations is space, the Eagles nest Outfitters hammock provides ample room for your comfort.


  • The Eaglesnest hammock is at the top of the list of being light weight. It mixes this quality with being durable.
  • It provides ample sleeping comfort in relation to its size
  • All its seams are triple-stitched.


  • The hammock will require significant upgrades and extra accessories for more serious weather conditions. An example of such an added accessory is a rain fly
  • It does not come with straps, which should add to the cost of your purchase
  • It is not so easy to set up, especially when missing the necessary straps and harnesses.

Hammock Bliss Double


The Hammock Bliss double offers hikers and backpackers value to the camping experience for the simplicity that it brings.

To start with, the Hammock Bliss Double features 100 inches of 6mm chords, which allows the user reach evasive anchors with the engagement of multiple sets of slings and attachment gear.

The Hammock double bliss is also constructed wonderfully. Along with the features, you can make the decision to purchase based on the following reviews:


  • The Hammock Bliss Double is easy to set-up
  • It has a massive width that spans 6 feet and 8 inches
  • The casing of this hammock can actually hold small items like your phone, iPod.


  • It does not come with carabiners
  • It has to be fitted with extra accessories in order for it offer protection against harsher weather conditions

Hennessey Expedition Asym

The Hennessey Expedition Asyme provides the camper with a multileveled user experience as it features an integrated insect net as well as a rain guard, to offer you maximum protection from the elements.

You will also be enticed by its versatility, as it can be used in a number of weather conditions. Overall, your decision to but this Hammond will rest on the following reviews:


  • It comes high on the durability scale.
  • It is fully weather-proofed
  • It is very comfortable due to its asymmetrical design
  • Built-in features makes this hammock easy to upgrade


  • It is quite heavy compared to its peers
  • It comprises bulky parts that do not favor agility
  • It is not easy to set-up

Camping/Hiking Hammock Buyer’s Guide

So your interest has been sufficiently tickled that you can’t wait to go on your great outdoor/ hiking/ camping adventure, complete with your narrations and picture shots. And you do now realize that a hammock is the better option for getting short naps during the day, and needed sleep at night; as opposed to carrying along a full sleeping tent.

So what do you to get the best value for your money in selecting your prized hammock? Do you go along with the recommendations of the smart and smooth-talking salesman at the store? Or do you just pick any type of hammock that tickles your fancy?

Take into consideration that the type of activity you will engage should inform your choice of the hammock.

For instance, a camper heading into a blizzard will be persuaded by different considerations as opposed to a hiker that takes a desert trail and is up against bugs/insects.

While the last option should not be an option at all, the following criteria should serve as a yardstick in picking a suitable hammock to take along on your next camping trip:


This criterion should be the most important for your camping trip.

You will definitely do not want to have fits of sleep and rest after a grueling day of activities because your hammock does not deliver on this count.

So the questions for you to consider are these: What are your camping needs? Are you going to away for a long stretch of time? What external conditions are you going to face in the outdoor?

For most backpackers, the first point of call is the amount of room space the hammock provides. Comfort is usually coloured by other related features such as the kind of material the hammock is made from; whether it is the stretchy type that will appeal to you or any other material.

If you going camping in pairs, will the double sized types serve your needs or will you make do with single size hammocks for each participant?

Once you have determined the level of comfort you desire, especially in relation to the conditions you will face on your road trip, then you can select a hammock that delivers on the critical areas you deem necessary.

Overall, keep in mind that most models of hammocks will serve smaller members of your expeditionary team, while bigger participants will prefer the roomier versions.

So at the hammock store, ask the management to give you a chance to try out a number of versions, so as to better guide your decision to purchase.


For your camping trip, you would want to be as light and as nimble as possible.

That means that your luggage and other goods must be optimally picked to give you the leverage you need for a memorable backpacking experience.

Your choice for a hammock must be within your weight confines.

Modern hammocks take into consideration, this need for manageable weight, as a good number of them are made from lightweight but resilient materials such as parachute nylon, a durable and smooth fabric comfortable to the touch. So you will be advised to be on the lookout for the base material of the hammock.

When evaluating the weight of your hammock, it is also important that you consider the straps and harnesses that make up the suspension system.

These extra accessories may contribute significantly to the weight of the hammock and just as importantly, these supports must be picked based on their functionality and suitability for your intended camping experience.

Already a good number of hammocks come with lightweight but sturdy suspense systems, while the option also exists for you to pick your own straps and harnesses.

The size of the hammock plays a huge part in its weight, so you will have to decide whether to go for models with slim profiles and compact design or you would prefer the roomier versions that would offer more space but at extra kilograms of weight.


Your camping trip is not meant to expose you to the elements of weather and other external factors without adequate safeguard measures. Your gear should not only keep your belongings and personal items safe and secure but it should also keep you safe and sound, as much as possible.

Your hammock must perform this important task as satisfactorily as possible. Your choice hammock must be able to withstand the vagaries of the terrain you intend to camp in.

The base material of the hammock is what you should keep an eye out for.

Parachute nylon material has been determined to be versatile in a number of wide ranging conditions and you could consider going for hammocks made from this material.

Also keep an eye for hammocks that feature integrated protection systems like rain fly and an insect net, to brighten your chances at being better protected from the elements.


Your hammock must be functional enough to serve your needs in a number of environments and terrains.

So you should look out for hammocks that can help you sit-up so you can do some reading as you await your teapot to boil at the fireplace or as you wait for dinner to get served.

You should also consider whether your hammock can be customized to create more head or leg room, prop up your personal items like your books, torch et al, so that they are a stretch away.

So the question becomes whether you will go for double sized hammocks that allow you to sit or lounge effortlessly or you do place a bet on the specialty models like the Ultralight that give great functionality with added features like bug nets and rain traps but pose difficulties in sitting or lounging in them.

So if you are looking for a hammock that can serve you in a variety of circumstances, you must consider which one has the greatest versatility for the intended use.

Ease of Setting Up

You should appreciate the fact that your campgrounds will not offer perfect conditions for the duration of your stay.

With your hammocks, it may prove difficult to obtain the right locations to place your hammock. So the ease of setting up your hammock will be a big consideration for you when making a purchase.

Your hammocks should be able to be set up depending on how stretchy the material it is made from, its ability to be upgraded and the availability of accessories.

Accessories play an important part in the ease of setting up for the hammock. Straps and harnesses should be able to have distinct qualities such as being able to fit around anchor points, how stretchy they are as well as other additions that will enhance your camping experience.

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