THE JOURNEY  Jan 2013 – Spine Challenger

 The Dare 2b Spine Challenger is a 108 mile, non-stop, 60 hour, winter mountain marathon between Edale and Hawes.


Every month leading upto Everest, i’m looking to continue to build my fitness, mental stamina and really push myself. I heard about this event a few months ago, and thought it would be perfect…A brutal race with thousands of vertical feet to climb, inhospitable weather and of course 108 miles on foot.

My toughest challenge yet. Its going to hurt…

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Keeping you all connected

Luckily the kit i’ve got is slightly more advanced than above! To share my world I’ll be using…

HTC One X+   Inmarsat Explorer 500 Satellite modem



From 60mph winds, driving rain, to waist deep snow, the weather conditions on the Pennines are changeable to say the least! Choosing the right clothing to keep me warm and hopefully dry is really important.

It’s always tough picking kit, and even more so that this is a race. You want to keep the weight down to a minimum, but also with some items it’s worth carrying a little bit of extra weight for extra comfort / robustness. My thinking is if the weather is that bad, the extra 150grams will be worth it!

Did I choose wisely? I’ll let you know along the way…


No point being warm and toasty if you can’t navigate! In the kit section, i’ve put all the other bits and pieces i’ll be carrying from my HTC One X to waterproof matches.