THE JOURNEY  Oct 2012 – Run To The Beat 1/2

My challenge for October is the Nike Run To The Beat. A half marathon with 18,500 runners powered by Nike+ and 14 Music Stages. The Everest Million unite again…

Run for the Everest Million?

You’re my Hero. This is what the campaign is all about, a Million people coming together to help others.

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Use #THISISFORTHEM and @Everestmillion in your tweets!

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Want to train for it too?

Here’s a few things i’ll be doing

  • 1km best effort, 600 meters jog. Repeat. As the weeks pass increase the number of repetitions until you’re doing 6 or 7. This helps to build up race pace and a comfortable rhythm.
  • Hill sprints – Great for building speed and power.
  • 10 mile run – A slow run to build up endurance and confidence.
  • Low impact training – Love my bike, so i’ll be using that to take a break from the running impact.
  • Resting – If you’ve got a twinge or just feel fatigued, take a day or two off. No point getting a serious injury.