THE JOURNEY  Mt Blanc – 4810m

Mont Blanc (white mountain) is the highest mountain in Western Europe, but not the highest in Europe (Elbrus). It’s situated on the French and Italian border, and is mostly accessed from Chamonix, France.

Why Mont Blanc?

Well, for starters its beautiful and I fly over all the time! It had to be done, but also it was a great training climb as well.

What route?

Les Trois Monts: This translates to the three summits. Mt Tacul du Mont Blanc, Mt Maudit and Mt Blanc. This route is far more technical than the more popular Gouter route. It has some very steep drops, a 55degree ice wall and lots of vertical meters. It was a great challenge.


Elevation: 4810m
First summited: 1786
Location: France / Italy map
Lowest temperature: -43 degrees centigrade (-45 Fahrenheit)
Steepest angle: 55 degrees
Climbing Difficulty: PD+
Number of summits per year: 20,000! (most on easier Gouter route)