THE JOURNEY  Everest – 8848m

30th March – 30th May 2013

Named after Colonel George Everest (a cartographer in the 1800′s), Everest is the highest mountain on earth and is also considered the third pole. Towering and imposing, it promises to be the biggest and most dangerous challenge of my life.

Why am I climbing Everest?

Adventure, travel and pushing myself has always been a big part of my life.

In 2010, I was down in South America with my wife Carali. We wondered past Aconcagua, and I was blown over by it’s beauty and by its size. It’s huge! We carried on through South America, and spent a fair bit of time in Bolivia. A beautiful, but poor country.

It was really stilling to see children living in such harsh conditions, and having already made my mind up to come back and climb Aconcagua, I thought I could raise some money in the process too.

Comic Relief, work tirelessly to eradicate poverty around the world, and it seemed really fitting to raise money for them. Their Iconic symbol is a Red Nose, as the charity was set up by Comedians who wanted to highlight poverty in Africa.

So there I was, all set to go to Aconcagua (no one had put a Red Nose on top of Aconcagua before) when I had a eureka moment. Had anyone put a Red Nose on top of Mt Everest before?

It turns out, no-one had. This is my chance to something amazing for others… The Everest Million campaign was born.

What do I hope to achieve?

First and foremost my number One goal is to raise the £1million, and I would love to hit that target before I even set foot on the mountain! All I ask is just One pound, so please join the Everest Million here

Secondly, get to the top! What a view it will be, and I’ll be a proud man to stand on the top of world, wearing my Red Nose.

Thirdly, I want to blow you all away by a never been seen before insight into what it takes to climb Mt Everest.

So…where is Everest?

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What route?

I’m climbing Everest Via the South Col. This is the most traditional route.

How long does it take?

A while! Infact the expedition duration is almost two months! Climbing Everest is like a game of chess. It takes patience and forward planning.

Days 1-15 – Arrival at Kathmandu Nepal, acclimatisation at Namche Bazaar and then the trek to Base camp itself. Even this part is going to be mind blowing, i can’t wait!

Days 16- 53 – Acclimatisation climbs on the mountain, waiting for a weather window (hopefully not too long!) and then the summit attempt itself.

Days 53-61 – Scramble down to Kathmandu ASAP and fly home! Having been deprived of oxygen, a bed and our loved ones I’m sure there will be quite the pace as we walk off the mountain

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Elevation: 8848m (29,029ft)
First submitters: Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing 29th May 1953
Success Rate: 29% (lets hope mother nature is kind to me)
Summiters: 3152
First submitter without oxygen – Reinhold Messnar 1978 (I won’t be doing this!)
Average temperature on the top: -20 degrees Centigrade (-4 degrees Fahrenheit)