THE JOURNEY  Denali – 6194m

24th May – 20th June 2012

Denali aka Mt Mckinley aka The High One!

Denali is the highest mountain in North America.  Denali is situated 150 miles (250km) to the north of Anchorage in the Alaska Range, close to the Arctic Circle. It rises dramatically above the tundra of the National Park, dwarfing the surrounding peaks.

It’s a seriously big mountain, unclimbable in the winter (you’d have to be a mad man!), and if you are lucky she will let you summit her during May, June and July.

Why Denali?

Denali is a very serious mountain. The coldest mountain on earth, with high winds, exposed ridges, crevasses and more, it promises to be my most gruelling challenge so far.

I’m climbing Denali as it will offer lots of great preparation for Everest. It is a cold, physical, (sleds, heavy packs and steep gradients)  3 week climb, where I’ll learn lots of skills for surviving in the harshest of conditions.

I’m really excited, and you’ll be able to join me from the comfort of your armchair… tweets, pictures, videos, temperatures,altitudes, live positioning and more through my HTC One X and some very clever satellite coms kit by Inmarsat .

What route?

The West Buttress: This route is the most popular route on the mountain, with 85% of climbers taking it. The initial part, we will be using sleds to carry our equipment, but afterwards we will be using lots of fixed lines to move up steep and often very exposed sections of the mountain.


Elevation: 6194m / 20327ft
First summited: 1913 by Hudson Stuck, Harry Karstens, Walter Harper and Robert Tatum.
Location: USA  map
Duration of expedition: 26 days
Lowest temperature recorded: -73 degrees centigrade (-70 Fahrenheit)
Average Temperature on the summit: – 40 degrees centigrade
Difficulty: 3D
Percentage reaching the top: 58%